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Abstract submission

After logging into the system, the start page opens. Here you will find the button Create a new abstract.

Clicking on "Create a new abstract" starts an editing wizard that guides you through the submission step by step. After saving the entries for each step, the next dialogue opens.


The steps may vary, depending on the event. Our standard is:

  1. Attributes- Select presentation type

  2. Authors - Create author list

  3. Topic - Select topic

  4. Content - Insert text, insert image, insert table, insert special characters, insert references.

  5. (Optional: Questions - if necessary, the organisation team will ask for further information here).

  6. Preview - Check preview

  7. Submit - Confirm conditions and submit abstract

Unless otherwise configured, the deadline will be displayed on the right-hand side of the page. You can edit your abstract until the deadline expires.


The progress can be followed on the right-hand side of the page, as well. Missing entries are listed and can be edited directly via the link. Depending on the status, the box with your abstract number is marked in the traffic light colours red, yellow or green.

If you have any questions, open our help pages in the navigation bar via the menu item Help


or contact us via Feedback / Support.

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