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Attributes: Presentation type

Abstract submission

Submission - Step 1: My abstracts > Attributes

The attributes of the abstract are congress-specific and may vary.

Possible attributes are:

  • Presentation type

    Depending on the event, there may be more than one presentation type. As a rule, you should select one preferred presentation type. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to determine or change your choice for the programme.

  • Optional: Presentation language

    If indicated, you can select your language preference here (German or English). Depending on your selection, country names, topics and bullet points may be displayed. 

  • Optional: Other queries

    Organisers have the option to make queries about the abstract or authors relevant to the congress in the tab "Attributes".

Save your entries by clicking the Save & proceed button to continue with the next submission step.

Optional: The tab "Attributes" is not visible

If an organiser does not need any of the above information, the "Attributes" tab will be hidden and the step will be skipped. For the presentation type, this means that there is only one or that the decision will be made at a later stage.

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