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Abstract submission

Submission - Step 2: My abstracts > Authors

In the tab "Authors" you create the list of authors, define the order in which the names are mentioned and specify the presenter(s).

1. Create the author list

There are four ways to add authors to your author list:


1. Add myself as author

Click on the Add myself as author button to add your own name and institute to the list of authors the way you entered them in your profile during registration.

2. Add new author

Click the Add new author button to open a dialogue for creating and adding a new author entry.

Note: When you click on the Save button, one of the options available to you is "Save and add author with same institute".

3. Add study group

Click on the Add studygroup button to open the dialogue for entering the name and, if applicable, an institute affiliation of the study group.

4. Add existing author

You can use existing author entries that you have created for other abstracts, including those from previous conferences. Select an entry from the list of existing authors and then click the Add button.

Special cases

Organisers can limit the number of authors in the list of authors. When you have reached the permitted number of authors, you will receive a message that no more authors can be added.

Organisers can specify that only the presenter appears in the list of authors. In this case, after the first person has been entered, you will receive a message that no more authors can be added.

2. Sorting the order of authors

Since the order of the authors on the list is relevant, it may be necessary to move authors up or down within the existing list.

You can move the author entries by simply dragging and dropping them by clicking on them with the left mouse button and moving them to the desired position while holding the mouse button down, or by clicking on the up/down arrow symbol in the author list. First authors are also labelled.


3. Select presenters from the list of authors

By default, first authors are assigned the role of presenter and are marked with the microphone icon.

You can assign the Presenter role to another author in the list by clicking on the corresponding microphone icon. Presenting authors will be labelled.

Note: As a rule, a valid e-mail address must be submitted as contact information for all presenting authors.

Organisers can specify whether more than one presenter is permitted. They can also define/restrict the number of presenters.

4. Check the preview

The list of authors is shown in the preview below. Check whether

  • the order of the authors is correct

  • identical institutes are listed twice

  • the assignments of the institutes to authors are correct.

If you are satisfied, save your entries by clicking the Proceed button to continue with the next submission step.

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For more information, see Edit author list .

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