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Abstract submission

Submission - Step 2: My abstracts > Content

In the tab "Content" you enter the title and text of the abstract.

Depending on the requirements of the organiser, the following differences may apply

  • the number of characters allowed

  • the number of figures/tables allowed

  • the number of references allowed

  • the number of characters to be deducted for images, tables and references.

Please study the respective guidelines to find out the organiser's requirements.

1. Enter title

Enter your title. Please do not anticipate later formatting and use normal upper and lower case. As a rule, you must enter at least 5 characters for the entry to be recognised.


The number of characters in the title is independent of the total number of characters in the abstract and will be counted separately.

Depending on the requirements of the organiser, you may have to enter the title twice (in different languages).

2. Enter content

Depending on the organiser's specifications, you may have a single text field or several input fields divided into subheadings.

Note: The input form may differ depending on the presentation type.

You can write directly in the editor or copy and paste the text from an existing document.

Note: It is possible that formatting from the original document is retained when copying and pasting. These are not always visible in the text editor (e.g. blocked spaces or breaks), but can lead to problems when saving. If possible, please use the option of inserting text without formatting, e.g. with Ctrl + Shift + V.


The number of words and characters is counted across all fields for the entire content. Subheadings are included in the abstract text, but will not be counted.

Depending on the organiser's specifications, you can also

When you are finished, save your entries by clicking Save or Save & proceed to continue with the next submission step.

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