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Depending on the organiser's requirements, you can add one or more images to your abstract text. Optionally, a predefined number of characters will be deducted for each illustration, regardless of its size- please check the guidelines.

Inserting an image is done in several steps.

Step 1: Upload an image

In the My Abstracts > Content tab, click the Add Image button in the right sidebar.


If the button is deactivated, you have reached the maximum number of allowed images.

Step 2: Fill in the form on the new view "Upload image"


  • Image shortcut: Your image abbreviation is inserted in the editor as a placeholder for your image, e.g. IMG01. In the preview, the placeholder is then replaced by the image.

  • Image caption: Short description/legend. Depending on the configuration, this field may be a mandatory field.

  • Upload image: Select an image from your hard drive. Note the specifications for the image size.

Save your entries by clicking on Upload image. After saving you will automatically return to the "Contents" page.


The sidebar now shows how many images are available. A warning triangle indicates which images have not yet been inserted into the text. Inserted pictures are marked with a green checkmark.

Step 3: Insert the image into your text

Place your mouse pointer at the position in the text field where the picture is to be inserted.

Select the picture icon directly above the text field and mark the picture to be inserted in the dialogue that opens. Confirm your selection with Ok.


In the text editor, your image shortcut is inserted enclosed in hash-signs, e.g. #IMG:1#. This is how the system recognises that it is a placeholder.


You can position the placeholder elsewhere with "cut" (Ctrl + X) and "paste" (Ctrl + V).

Save your entries with Save or - if you do not want to make any further changes - with Save & proceed.

Open the "Preview" to check the inserted image.

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