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Abstract submission

The progress status of an abstract is color-coded via traffic light colors. The color code is displayed in two places.

1. What do the colors mean?

  • RED = incomplete.

    Mandatory entries are missing, e.g. the topic or the title of the abstract. Missing entries can be entered via "My Abstracts" until the deadline.

  • YELLOW = complete, but not submitted

    All mandatory entries have been made. Reasons that the abstract is still not submitted are e.g.

    • it has not yet been finally approved by responsible persons from the study group

    • the browser was closed by mistake

  • GREEN = complete and submitted

2. Where does the color code appear?

1. In the status display in the overview "My Abstracts"

In the tab "My abstracts" all the contributions you have created are listed. The status is displayed as background color of the abstract number.


2. In the status box in the side bar of the detail view

When creating a new abstract or editing an already existing abstract, the detail view of the contribution opens. On the right side there is the status box with information if and which entries are incomplete. The information is linked, linkls can be clicked directly to edit the corresponding area.


Note: The editing options change with the status. For example, a submitted abstract cannot be deleted. Before that, the submission must be undone.

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