Helpful tools


For a smooth evaluation, there are several helpful tools available.

Keeping track of your evaluation results

An overview of the own evaluation results can be found in the 'List of abstracts' in the column 'Rating'.
Additionally, you find the number of evaluated abstracts above the 'List of abstracts' and below the evaluation form.

Working offline

If you prefer to work offline, please check the box the box next to all abstracts you want to print. By checking the box in the top left of the 'List of abstracts' you select all abstracts at once. Click "Download selected abstracts" to download them as pdf files.

Please note that you will have to enter the results of your ratings into the online review portal later.


You can sort the list by clicking on a column header.

Mark abstract for second review

Check the box at the bottom left of the review form to mark an abstract for further review. In the overview the marked abstracts are highlighted by a red box.

Context help for the list

Context-related information on the list columns can be found under the respective question mark icons.

Further information:

See: Reviewing abstracts

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