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Retrieving available abstracts

Session planning by session chair

In the planning view, all available abstracts can be found in the "Abstracts" tab on the right under "Available abstracts" .

Before loading the abstracts, you can specify which abstracts are displayed.

Step 1: Filter abstracts (optional)

  1. Filter by planning status

    Abstracts can be scheduled several times, e.g. in a Short Talk session and a Poster session.

    In the list, you can recognise abstracts that have already been scheduled by the white background and the display of the shortcut of the session in which the abstract is scheduled.

    Select Show only abstracts not planned to exclude already scheduled abstracts and finally click Show abstracts.


  2. Filter by topic, presentation type or review result

    Select your criteria and set the order of display (by abstract number, title etc)

Step 2: Load abstracts

To view the available abstracts, click the Show abstracts button.


Once loaded, you can search for abstracts by title, number and speaker using the search box and drag'ndrop them into the Session timetable.

Planning sessions

For information on planning oral or poster sessions, see:

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