Planning an oral session

Session planning by session chair

An oral session differs from a poster session in that all planned contributions are scheduled with a time duration (start and end time).

Within the session schedule you can plan abstracts, lectures and events.

Step 1: Define presentation duration


You can define a default setting for the duration in minutes of any contribution you schedule.

For each individual contribution you can later adjust the presentation duration to the minute.

Step 2: Select contribution

Select the contribution you want from the available abstracts or the available lectures or events.

Step 3. Insert contribution into the timetable

Abstracts and Lectures |Events are drag'n dropped into the schedule. They are automatically inserted with the specified presentation duration.


Changing a presentation's duration

Move the mouse to the double line at the bottom of the presentation.


When a double arrow appears, keep the mouse button pressed.

Shorten or lengthen the presentation by dragging the mouse to the new time position.

Note: each line equals one minute

Changing a presentation's position

Move the mouse to the top blue edge of the post.


When two crossed arrows appear, keep the mouse button pressed.

Drag'n drop the contribution to its new position in the timetable.

Note: The start and end time is displayed in the blue top edge

Removing a presentation from the timetable

Click the button "Remove" in the upper right corner of a scheduled contribution.


The removed abstract, lecture or event can be found on the right side under Available abstracts or Available lectures | events.

Scheduling presentations for poster sessions

For more information on planning poster sessions, see:

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