Planning a poster session

Session planning by session chair

Unlike Oral Sessions, abstracts in Poster Sessions are scheduled without a timed duration (start and end time).

Note: If you would like to plan poster session with Short Talks, please plan it as an Oral Session.

Usually, only abstracts with the presentation type "Poster" are scheduled in a poster session.

Step 1: Specify presentation duration

You can set a default duration in minutes for all abstracts in your schedule.


Choose a short duration, such as 5 minutes, to display a large number of posters in the session schedule. These times will not be displayed or published later for poster sessions.

Step 2: Specify abstract order

To keep your poster session organised, you can pre-sort the poster abstracts. Under Order, select the option you want.


You can still adjust the order individually via drag'n drop later in the finished session: Simply drag the poster abstract to the desired position while holding down the mouse button.

Step 3: Assign posters

Optional: Filter the available abstracts.

1. Load the available poster abstracts by clicking the Load Abstracts button.


2. Select the desired poster abstracts by checking the checkbox in the left column.

If you mark the checkbox in the column header, all abstracts will be selected.


3. Confirm your selection by clicking Assign selected abstracts.


The abstracts will be added to your poster session and will appear under the heading "Planned posters". Done!

Optional: Import poster session

If you are planning a large poster session with a large number of papers, it may be easier to order or sort the papers in an Excel spreadsheet. We can easily import this for you.

Send us an Excel list with the posters sorted in the correct order.

Your list must contain the following columns only:

  • Abstract number

  • Abstract title

Scheduling presentations for oral sessions

For more information on planning oral sessions, see:

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