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The different formats: Abstract, Lecture, Event

Session planning by session chair

In your sessions, you can schedule three different formats: abstracts, talks, and events.

Here we would like to briefly explain how the formats differ in the Smart Abstract program planner.


During the submission phase, author:s could submit abstracts for presentations at the conference. Only abstracts accepted by the organisers are available for planning.

Abstracts are clearly identifiable by their abstract number. Additionally, you can search or filter by

  • Name of the presenter(s)

  • Presentation type, e.g. poster or talk

  • Topic

  • Title

  • optional: Review results, if the evaluation was done via the review portal of Smart Abstract

If an abstract is scheduled, the person with the assigned role "Presenter" is scheduled automatically, as well.


The format "Lecture" is intended for the scheduling of "Invited Speakers". These can have an abstract or can be scheduled without an abstract (via lecture title and role: Speaker).

You can schedule contributors to a talk with the roles of "Speaker" (with or without an abstract), "Chair", and "Moderation".

(Non-scientific) Event

The format "Event" is generally used for all non-scientific events without speakers for which you want to create a time-based placeholder, e.g. for a closing discussion during a session or a break.

You can schedule the contributors to an event with the roles "Chair" and "Moderation".

Planning sessions

For information on planning oral or poster sessions, see:

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